Zynergia Announces Strategic Partnership With HigherMe to Propel Employers for Cheaper Healthcare Initiative

Zynergia, with its deep-rooted healthcare expertise, is excited to announce a strategic partnership with HigherMe, the user-friendly platform designed to help busy restaurant managers swiftly find, select, and hire ideal employees. This partnership between Zynergia and HigherMe aims to elevate the Employers for Cheaper Healthcare (ECH) membership program, delivering transformative healthcare solutions to members nationwide.

Partnership Highlights: 

Innovative Healthcare Solutions: Leveraging Zynergia's extensive healthcare and risk management knowledge in providing access to cost-effective health plans. 

Modern Approach to Hiring: HigherMe streamlines the recruitment process by allowing franchises to easily recruit, screen, interview, and onboard employees using a single platform aligning with Zynergia's people-first philosophy.

Economies of Scale: Both organizations will utilize their combined strengths to deliver significant savings in healthcare, benefits, and onboarding operations.

"Impacting the healthcare benefits sector positively while maintaining a laser focus on our members, Zynergia stands in seamless alignment with HigherMe. Our mission revolves around forging partnerships with like-minded entities that embrace a people-first strategy to generate uplifting outcomes for members nationwide. HigherMe stands out as a pivotal partner in this journey, helping us amplify the reach of our meticulously designed programs that prioritize the well-being of individual members—acknowledging that they are the true backbone of any business," Kirnjot Singh, MD, President of Zynergia exclaims. 

"For years, HigherMe has been seeking a partner in the healthcare space who could assist our customers in providing high-quality, cost-effective healthcare options. We are pleased to partner with Zynergia HR/Employers for Cheaper Healthcare to deliver this exclusive offering to our franchise and restaurant owners," said Elise Polezel, Founder and CEO, HigherMe. 

About Zynergia: Zynergia is the distinguished human resources entity of the Boa Vida family of companies, specializing in healthcare. With a confluence of services stemming from a rich blend of professional, IT, and staffing expertise, Zynergia provides comprehensive Enterprise Risk and Human Capital Management solutions. This drives down healthcare costs and enhances profitability for client companies. Zynergia is known for its innovative, customer-centric approach, offering insurance, staffing, and HR services.

About HigherMe:  HigherMe is an easy-to-use platform designed to assist busy restaurant managers in swiftly finding, selecting, and hiring the ideal employees. With features like Text to Apply, Applicant Tracking System, and Paperless Onboarding, our platform streamlines the hiring process for restaurants, making it efficient and effective. We streamline hiring for high volume recruiting, ensuring restaurants can quickly fill their positions with the best candidates.

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For more information about Zynergia, the ECH Membership Program, or how our partnership works with HigherMe, please contact: 

Email: [email protected]
Website: [https://zynergiahr.com] [https://ech-llc.com

Contact Information:
Elle Stallings
Marketing Manager, Zynergia
[email protected]

Original Source: Zynergia Announces Strategic Partnership With HigherMe to Propel Employers for Cheaper Healthcare Initiative
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