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King Trivia®, the country’s leader in “Eater-tainment,” is celebrating 20 years of supplying the bar and restaurant industry with fun, engaging, and approachable weekly events. January 14th, 2024 marks the 20th anniversary of the first Pub Quiz hosted by King Trivia®, done so at Pickwick’s Pub in Woodland Hills, CA- a weekly event that continues to this day.

The anniversary celebration will be kicked off with “Season 20” of King Trivia® League Play. A staple since 2009, League Play allows players from all over the country to compete against one another over the course of 20 weeks. “Season 20” will be the 18th implementation of the weeks-long event, however, the King Trivia® staff is so excited about the anniversary that they decided to skip forward! Participating teams must attend 16 King Trivia events within a 20-week period to be eligible for prizes.

Joshua Lieberthal, founder of King Trivia®, has overseen multiple growth and development projects that have given King Trivia® its staying power. Highlights include the pivot from analog to digital answer submissions through the use of the King Trivia® Scoring App, the successful rollouts of an opinion-based trivia game and Music Bingo by King Trivia®, the tripling of full-time employees, and the expansion from regional to national venue-partnerships. 

“We have an amazing service that all stakeholders involved appreciate and love. It is a rare instance when you can have so many- players, quizmasters, venue management, and owners as well as waitstaff- with such an appreciation and happy factor tied to both the brand and the service. I have worked tirelessly with endless determination for years to evolve what we do into what it is today,” says Lieberthal while reflecting on King Trivia®’s staying power.

“Season 20” of King Trivia® League play will run from February 15th through June 27th, 2024, and conclude with King Trivia®’s Awards Week in which the winning teams will be recognized and awarded prizes.

Founded by Joshua Lieberthal in 2004, King Trivia® operates weekly Pub Quiz/Trivia, Music Bingo, and opinion-based trivia game events in over 400 eating and drinking establishments in 35 states as well as private events for milestone parties and corporate functions. This equates to over 80,000 events hosted and over four million questions asked. 

King Trivia®’s Pub Quiz includes seven rounds of general knowledge trivia with unique rounds such as “Guess Who?” (in which awarded point totals vary by how quickly a player can identify a famous person) and “Find The Connection” (in which players must not only identify the correct answer to nine individual questions but also ascertain the commonality of those nine answers.) Answers are digitally submitted through the proprietary, web-based King Trivia® Scoring App. 

With the largest full-time staff in the industry, King Trivia® is able to offer unrivaled support to partner venues and expand event offerings, highlighted by the successful launch of Music Bingo by King Trivia® in September 2023 and the 2022 relaunch of an opinion-based trivia game, a pub quiz style game in which the content is generated by surveys responded to by attendees of King Trivia® events.

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